Fetty Wap is setting the record straight -- nobody stole his chain.

A series of videos surfaced featuring men who claimed that they snatched the "Trap Queen" rapper's chain but Wap is letting everyone know that the claim has no merit.

"I don't really do the little rumor s---," said Fetty Wap in a video posted on DJ Akademiks. "I had to address some s--- real quick. N----- keep talking about they got Zoovie Zoo's chain, man. You feel me? You got my chain? You tell me where you get my chain from. Show me where you got my s--- from. Cause y'all mothaf----- is frauding. You fraud ass n-----, man. Where the f--- did you get Zoovie's chain from? You do not have my f----- chain. Stop your shenanigans. Stop f------ lying."

This isn't the first time chain snatchers aimed for a rapper's piece. Last year, DMV rapper Shy Glizzy got his gold chain stolen and the year before that, Migos' Quavo was robbed of his in Washington D.C.

In other news, it seems "shenanigans" is back in common vernacular. After PartyNextDoor used the word to describe Kehlani's relationship with Kyrie Irving, it became a trending topic. And here, Wap brings it up again. Its likely that this isn't the last we'll hear of it.

Check Wap discredit the alleged chain snatchers above. Also, check out Wap's chain below.