For anyone who ever thought Fetty Wap was just another fly-by-night hook-maker, think again. The New Jersey rapper has a number of hits under his belt, and now, Fetty can say "and another one" as he asks girls across the world to "Spend The Night," with the help of R&B singer PnB Rock.

The three-and-a-half-minute track is an ode to "gettin' them draws." Over a sultry beat, compliments of JGramm, led by electronic flutes and supplemented with an array of keyboard percussion, Fetty and Rock offer up a new hit just in time for the spring/summer season.

In typical 1738 fashion, it takes work to understand the words Fetty utters during the hook - even in a slowed down cadence - but it's not hard to tell this song sets him up as a man with a mission. In fact, between phrases like "when you moaning..." and "you be screaming like, oooooo aaahhhh," it's all actually quite clear. Meanwhile, there's no question about the words coming out of PnB Rock's mouth.

"When I pull up to your house/Girl, you know what it's 'bout/You said he ain't been puttin' it down/Well I'ma take you off that drought...You know is always better off them drugs/I'ma leave that p---y wetter than a tub/You know he don't hit it like this/You feel it all over your lips."

The two have also been boosting each other on social media as Fetty Wap continues to hit the stage alongside PnB Rock on tour.

Check out the new track below.