Fetty Wap may love his trap queen but there's at least one woman who still holds more weight. On his new song "Grandma," the rapper details his relationship with her along with the misunderstandings going on between them.

His grandmother tells him to pull his pants up like most do, but Fetty tells her he can't because "bands make my pants sag crazy." But like most grandmas, she doesn't know what bands are. "That’s just money, grandma, that’s just money," he explains on the track.

The lyrics don't remain sweet for long -- it is a trap song after all. Fetty goes on to explain a scenario with words his grandma may not approve of. But, it'll likely get fans turnt up in the club.

"Aye, all this money that I’m counting, yeah I’m carrying / 18,000K I spend a day, I could embarrass her / Aye his bitch for years just made it clear she wouldn’t marry him / Aye I f---ed her once then disappeared, that s--- hilarious," he rhymes in the two-minute AceSwagBeatz-produced song.

"Grandma" is slated to appear on Fetty Wap's forthcoming EP. "hope ya rockin with it," he tweeted after releasing the song.

Fetty Wap has had a stellar year after releasing more than a few successful singles, "679," "Trap Queen" and "My Way" and gaining several spots on the Billboard charts. Not to mention there's been praise for his self-titled album.

But all in all, the New Jersey native is definitely a family man. He shared a photo of his daughter, Zaviera, with a caption that called her his "princess." He also tweeted that he was "so happy" after he took his daughter shopping that he dropped $2,000 in the mall. Check out his tweets and new song below.

Listen to Fetty Wap's "Grandma"

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