Since Fetty Wap and his former friend P-Dice were beefing last year, and Dice was kicked out of Remy Boyz, it's not surprising that he's now suing the "Trap Queen" creator for millions of dollars.

As TMZ reports, P-Dice said he helped write the song "679," but his verse was deleted on the album, so he lost out on a lot of money. The ex-Remy Boy did appear in the video for the cut, however, but couldn't take full advantage of the song becoming a No. 1 Billboard hit.

In addition, Dice said that Fetty initially offered him 16.9 percent of any monies the tune generated, but because his verse was removed, he only received 5 percent. As a result, the under-the-radar rapper is suing his former crew member for $7 million, and there's no word when all of this will head to court.

According to Dice, he was kicked out of Remy Boyz, because Fetty had a beef with another Jersey MC named Tax G. The way Dice explained it, Tax said he was going to harm Fetty if he didn't cut him off.

"When the Tax G incident happened he had some people press them," said P-Dice last year on VladTV. "So His big homie basically pressed Fetty Wap and said 'Yo, it's either him or all of ya'll' and [Fetty] was like 'Alright it's him. It's just P-Dice.'"

Fetty, had another version of the story, however, and said Dice didn't come around until Remy Boyz started seeing major success.

"Now I'm doing 60 f------ thousand arena shows and s---. Where the f--- was Dice?" asked Fetty in a YouTube video. "When we did the 'Cake Team' video, where the f--- was Dice? When we did the 'Throw It Back' video, where the f--- was Dice? Dice came at the f----- end. He did what he wanted to do."

In addition, P-Dice may also need money to fight pending attempted murder and weapons charges, after being accused of shooting a gun and injuring a 7-year-old boy earlier this year. He was released on $250,000 bail back in August.