Going solo paid off for both Gwen and Beyoncé, and now Black Eyed Peas leading lady Fergie aims to prove that she's pop royalty with her debut, 'The Dutchess.' (Get it? Like Sarah "Fergie" Ferguson, the Duchess of York?) The album, due Sept. 19, will be the first release on fellow Pea Will.i.am's A&M records imprint, called ... uh, Will.i.am. Seriously.

Word about the album has created a buzz that is sure to grow when the first single, 'London Bridge,' hits radio on July 4. The song was produced by Polow the Don -- famous for his work on Ludacris' 'Pimpin All Over the World' -- but the album will feature several producers, including Will.i.a.m, who will also leave his mark on the long-awaited Justin Timberlake album, which will come out the same month.

Fergie, who is currently on tour with the Peas in England, has remained tight-lipped about other album specifics, but was obviously excited about the release during her L.A. birthday party in March, saying that she couldn't wait until she could drop her new album on her fans. Neither can we, Ferg.