The Los Angeles Times has disclosed the identities of two police officers responsible for leaking Rihanna's post-assault head shot to the media. The police photo, which was taken after the R&B star's altercation with former boyfriend Chris Brown on Feb. 8, depicted a battered and swollen-faced Rihanna. Though it was taken as evidence of the assault, and never intended to be seen by the public, the photo surfaced on TMZ two weeks later.

Though TMZ refused to reveal their source, the LAPD launched an internal investigation, which turned up two female officers, Rebecca M. Reyes and her roommate, Bianca Lopez, according to an unidentified police source.

Reyes' attorney revealed that a search warrant had been served, and that his client had been "assigned to home," though he claimed that the nine-year veteran had done nothing wrong, and no formal charges had been filed against her. "My client did not do anything for financial gain," maintained Reyes' lawyer. "She did not sell the photo."

There is no word yet regarding the identity of the photographed, or whether there was a payoff involved. Rihanna's attorney said he was pleased with the recent progress in the case, and commented that no one should have to concerned that police evidence could be leaked to the media in such a damaging fashion.