As police continue to investigate the tragic shooting that took place at New York’s Irving Plaza earlier this week, many are still looking for answers following the shootout that killed a man and left three people wounded. Hip-hop vet Fat Joe thinks the shooting is “ironic” considering that his fellow New York rappers are coming together in peace and solidarity.

The Bronx legend was hoping that his "All the Way Up (Remix)" featuring his former rap adversary Jay Z would be the catalyst for other rappers to end their beefs and start unifying together.

“The reason we did this s--- [the ‘All The Way Up’ Remix] was so the s--- that happened last night where people got shot in the middle of a concert doesn’t happen,” Fat Joe told “We’re trying to show people you can have your differences but it can actually end peacefully. It doesn’t have to end with death and destruction.”

Just to bring you up to speed, Troy Ave was arrested and charged with attempted murder and criminal possession of a weapon in connection to the gun battle that happened in the green room of the Irving Plaza nightclub. According to police, a fistfight turned into a gunfight with the Brooklyn rapper firing a gun during the melee. The incident happened minutes before T.I. was set to perform.

Troy Ave's friend and reported bodyguard, Ronald McPhatter (aka BSB Banga), was shot during the melee and was rushed to Beth Israel Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Three other people were also wounded during the incident.

Fat Joe hopes that other rappers don't follow in the same footsteps by settling their differences with gun violence.

“That’s pretty ironic that [shooting happened] while we’re doing this symbol of unity. I hope these young kids see it and follow suit," he stresses. "Cause ain’t nothing really worth it. You gotta understand most of us grew up in poverty with a dream and all the stripes against us. The fact we’re able to make music, make money, have fans, and make our dreams come true – we really gotta appreciate that.”

True indeed. We must stop the violence and increase the peace.