Even though Fat Joe has presumably made millions off of Big Pun's music, he's hording all the money for himself, according to the late rapper's wife, Liza Rios.

Rios filed a new lawsuit against the Terror Squad leader for future royalties and those already earned from songs like Pun's 1998 hit 'Still Not a Player,' TMZ reports.

According to Pun's wife, Joe was supposed to split any monies made from her late husband's songs. She claims Joe only lived up to his part of the deal for a few years after Pun's death. Since Pun's songs and albums continue to make money, Rios feels she keeps getting cheated. Back in 2009, she and her children had to move into a shelter after losing their house to foreclosure.

"We're in a city shelter. It's been very hard for them to transition," admitted Rios about her children in 2009. "After Pun passed I didn't receive a lot of money. I received $160,000 from publishing. The house I was paying mortgage [on] was my husband's. He bought the house and it wasn't paid out."

That same year Joe said he wasn't cashing in on Pun's songs at all, and Rios has it all wrong. "I've never made a dollar off Big Pun since his passing," he explained. "This was hundreds of thousands of dollars of frivolous spending, after the second payoff I washed my hands."

It seems like this is a legal issue that wont' be resolved any time soon. Rios is suing for more than $1 million.