Fat Joe can add another notch to his resume: comedic actor. Like several of his hip-hop counterparts, Joey Crack is testing out his comedic timing in the new short film 'Lil DPC: The Life of a Don.'

The sketch is the latest brainchild of director Michael Ratner, co-founder of the New York-based production company The Ratner Group, which specializes in digital comedy shorts. The company has been putting out the sketch series since November of last year, the latest of which finds the main character, Lil DPC, moving Fat Joe into his Miami mansion, where he'll have a bird's eye view of the "life of a don."

DPC is so over-the-top with his antics, and his need to be respected in the hip-hop community has him constantly proving himself to naysayers, which include Joe's manager Macho. With his bright yellow suits, Kangol hats and fondness for pouring Hennessy in his cereal, the aspiring white rapper taps Joe for his 'Hung Like a Horse' remix, which he expects will sell millions.

Ratner as DPC gives fellow 'SNL' comedy writer and part-time white rapper Andy Samberg a run for his money, while Joey's seriousness in the sketch only amps up the humor. The hilarious 14-minute skit also features Soprano's star Steve Schirripa and Blink 182's Mark Hoppus.

Watch Fat Joe in 'The Life of a Don'

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