Bronx rapper Fat Joe stopped by NBC Miami's NiteCap with Peter Bailey last week, where he revealed that he is working on a long overdue cooking show. On the teaser of the interview, which airs in full tonight, the ample MC reveals to Bailey that he is working on a show with his restaurant partner Chef Mark Thomas, which will also feature appearances by fellow rappers like Lil Wayne.

"I'm working on a cooking show, this is the first time I'm telling the world," Joe announced. "Who else can you trust other than Fat Joe to tell you what food is good or not? Me and my guy Chef Mark -- he's an incredible chef -- we got that studio audience, we got that band, we gonna bring guys like Lil Wayne, your favorite rapper, and we gonna to ask him what's his favorite dish and we gonna make it for him."

Joe and Chef Mark Thomas have also launched a chain of City Island Express restaurants, the first of which was scheduled to open in the Bronx last month. The restaurant will feature a Sunday cooking school as well as the best in Caribbean Island seafood and cuisine.

"You don't really know the true Fat Joe 'til you really meet him, so once we in front of that camera and we vibin' with everybody, we gonna have a lot of fun with that," Joe continued. "I'm not even a cook, I'm like a mascot. I'm like the test-taster, but my man chef Mark is gonna be cooking. My favorite food is Italian food; I like Lobster Francaise."

In addition to the show and restaurant, Joe revealed that he will be giving auctioning off his infamous sneaker collection for charity. "I gotta make sure that everybody eats, and that's major to me," Joe told Bailey.

The full interview will air March 7 on NBC Miami.

Fat Joe's 'Aloha'
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