Social networking site Xumanii has reportedly offered Bronx rapper Fat Joe $100,000 for the exclusive rights to broadcast his next live performance.

"As a fellow New Yorker myself, I have worked within the music industry for years, [and] my partner and I have been personal fans for many years," said Tandy Weems, head of Business Development for Xumanii. The company is looking to film Fat Joe's concert for free and stream it online as a pay-per-view event that would exclusively be broadcast on Xumanii, with all ticket sales going directly the rapper.

Despite the fact that Joe's new album 'The Darkside Vol. 1' has not had a stellar debut, a spokesperson for Xumanii claims that they can guarantee at least 10,000 paying online viewers for Joe's next concert.

"We will offer 'digital tickets' for sale to your world-wide fan base at an affordable price of $10," Weems continued in his proposal to Joe. "Marketing and promoting together with no sponsorship support, Xumanii can guarantee you a minimum of 10,000 people watching and tickets sold, bringing in $100,000!" For more info, or to book your ticket, click here.

Fat Joe's 'The Darkside Vol. 1' features production by DJ Premier and Just Blaze, with guest appearances by Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Cam'ron and R. Kelly, and is in stores now.