Leave it to Chelsea Handler to pull quirky information out of the hip-hop guests she has on her late night talk-show, 'Chelsea Lately.' Last night (August 4), the bubbly host welcomed Fat Joe to have a seat on her stage to promote his tenth studio album, 'The Darkside Vol. 1.'

During the course of their conversation, the Bronx-born rapper told Handler that on a recent trip to China, he came across an individual bearing a striking resemblance to him: the Chinese Fat Joe. "It's crazy," he revealed. "I walked in the airport and the whole place was like, 'You got to meet the Chinese Fat Joe.'"

The lyricist, born Joseph Cartegena, further discussed what his Asian dopplegãnger does for a living. "He has a store, a boutique store where he sells music; it's called Chinese Fat Joe." When asked if the man also resembled Joey Crack's physical likeness, the rapper made it known he was the one bearing the plumper, rotund belly. "He's pretty chubby," he continued, "He ain't as fat as Joe."

Getting down to the reason for his appearance on the show, Joe spoke of his recently released project, 'The Darkside Vol. 1,' which spawned the Trey Songz-assisted single 'If It Ain't About The Money' and the Jeezy-supported '(Ha Ha) Slow Down.'

"I just felt like so many years of making music, I feel like I don't get the acknowledgment I deserve," he admitted before speaking on the album's dark title. "I felt like they just locked me in a dungeon with no weapon and I was just sharpening my fingernails. They threw a lion in there and I just killed the lion and ate lion soup for like a month, you feel me."