Fashawn is one of the most respected lyricists from the West Coast. His 2009 debut 'Boy Meets World' has even been compared to Nas' 1994 classic LP, 'Illmatic.' Despite that, he hasn't churned out much new material in the form of an album but 2014 could see a change in that. Today, the rapper returns with a new song 'Champion,' inspired by his friendship with WBO welterweight champion Timothy Bradley.

The anthemic song, produced by Fashawn’s longtime collaborator Exile, was recorded specifically for Bradley’s entrance when he fights Manny Pacquiao on April 12 in Las Vegas.

Over stirring orchestral strings and a punchy beat, Fashawn spits braggadocios rhymes about his prowess on the mic and his victories in rap battles.

"My momma should have name me victor / Cause victories is all I see when I look in the mirror, couldn’t be clearer," he raps. "Undisputed, youngest to do it / Nice with the jab like Tim Bradley / Any weight class / Light or heavy I’ll be ready / Y’all rhymers ain't even kinda deadly, check the medley."

On Instagram, Fashawn speaks highly of Bradley, whose boxing record currently stands at 31 wins and zero losses.

"Shout out to the champ Tim Bradley. He might be one of the deadliest men alive but, he's also a really down to earth dude. True champion," he wrote recently.

You can cop Fashawn’s 'Champion' on iTunes.

Listen to Fashawn's 'Champion'