No one can forget where they were the day that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, died. From musicians, to fans, to everyday people, one year later the death of the pop legend still doesn't seem real. We caught up with American Idol winner Fantasia who recalled where she was when she heard the news.

"[I was in] Boston, in rehearsal's for 'The Color Purple,' [when I heard]. My manager told me of the unfortunate news. I was absolutely devastated in a state of disbelief," she told the BoomBox. Although Fantasia didn't know him personally, like many performers, Fantasia grew up on his music and admired his performance style. Long before her dream of musical stardom came into fruition, the 25-year-old listened to Jackson's music with her two brothers.

"My favorite memory of MJ was listening to his brilliant recordings; 'Thriller' was my all time favorite. My brothers and I use to act like we were a part of the Jackson family! Michael influenced me to be a perfectionist at my craft. That's part of the reason I give my absolute best every time I hit the stage." Jackson suffered a cardiac arrest on June 25, 2009. The 50-year-old was rushed to the nearby UCLA Medical Center where he was pronounced dead later in the afternoon.