Method Man, real name Clifford Smith, is known for his humorous antics, especially when paired up with longtime friend and rapper Redman, but after a July show in Houston, the Wu-Tang Clan rapper crossed the line with a fan.

Method Man is being sued by a former fan (that's safe to say), from Fort Bend County, Texas who alleges that the Staten Island rapper shot her with a pellet gun while she waited for an autograph outside of a concert at the House of Blues, in Houston.

Mary Anderson says that she was hit in the torso and chest area about six times, when Meth fired the pellet gun into the crowd through the window of his tour bus. Anderson says she was forced to receive medical attention for her injuries, and on July 30th, she filed a lawsuit with the District Court of Harris County, Texas. In her court statement, she said that she "received no warnings prior to this incident and was without fault when [Smith] fired pellets into a crowd and struck Anderson in the torso."

Anderson's lawyer Daniel Horowitz III slammed the rapper for his actions. "The conduct of the defendant was so extreme and outrageous in character and so extreme in degree as to go beyond all bounds of decency and should be regarded as atrocious conduct and utterly intolerable in a civilized society," Horowitz said.

Anderson will seek compensation for her legal and medical bills, as well as the physical and mental pain she says the injury caused her.