Kid Cudi has made it clear that he prefers to be free of interruptions during his performances. One Vancouver fan learned that lesson the hard way in December when Cudder socked him in the face after a wallet was thrown onstage. Turns out, Cudi targeted the wrong fan that time, but this week there was no mistaking the culprit.

During a concert in Ohio on Thursday (July 23), a crazed fan jumped on stage during Cudi's performance of 'Pursuit of Happiness,' temporarily disrupting the show. Security guards were quick to remove the intruder from the stage, but the Cleveland-born rapper wasted no time fighting his way off the stage to confront the fan. Thankfully, this time security guards were able to restrain the G.O.O.D. Music rapper before things got too ugly and eventually he returned to the stage to finish his performance.

Check out video footage of the incident after the jump.