After footage surfaced of Famous Dex assaulting his girlfriend, Puma quickly ended their endorsement deal with the Chicago rapper.

The video, which was released by singer Tish Hyman, featured Dex chasing the victim into a corner in a hallway and then throwing wild punches at the female's head. Another man intervened before the rapper could land any more punches.

Dex initially addressed the situation on Twitter in a series of now since-deleted tweets. The 23-year-old rapper claimed to have hurt his hand in the scuffle and said that his girlfriend cheated on him.

“God Know Im Sorry For Flight Her She wasn’t hurt my I Cut My Hand Like WtF Im not Like That She Cheated on me an She Was Wrong God Know,” he wrote. “Me an my Girl was Fighting Ok Y’all Shit Happen I’m Not Perfect Bt it’s God Know that Problem Gone Now.”

After the video was released, fans on Twitter tweeted Puma directly asking if the shoe company supports an alleged woman beater. “PUMA does not condone any act of violence toward women. We do not, nor will we, have any relationship w/ Famous Dex,” Puma's Twitter page announced in response to fans' outcries.

Dex was a model for a recent Puma x Pink Dolphins clothing collaboration earlier this year. The apparel brand has removed any promotional photos of Dex wearing the clothes on social media. However, the internet never forgets and Kollege Kid was able to save them and include it in a news report (watch below).

What are your thoughts on Puma squashing their endorsement deal with Famous Dex? Tell us in the comments below.

Watch Kollege Kid' News Report About Famous Dex's Former Puma Endorsement Deal