A canceled concert involving Erykah Badu and Rick Ross has resulted in legal action.

Michael-Bryant Hicks and Eve Runyon filed a lawsuit Tuesday (April 26) against Tracey Pennywell of Penny in the Well Productions over a botched concert which was scheduled to take place during the Soul Train Music Awards last year.

According to the suit, filed in the Superior Court of Fulton Country for the State of Georgia, Pennywell claimed to have entered into a deal with the SoulTrain Productions to promote the concert. Bryant and Runyon invested $50,000 in the event, but later found out that Pennywell was blowing through the show budget.

After changing the venue from the Atlanta Civic Center to Club Opera, Bryant and Runyon became suspicious and contacted the venue. They later found out that their deposit was gone, and the concert had been canceled. Opera also kicked Pennywell and her assistant out of the venue.

SoulTrain productions refunded tickets to the patrons, but Bryant and Runyon have yet to see their money. They are suing for damages and the full $50,000 investment amount.

Neither Ross nor Badu were named in the lawsuit.

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