Fabolous has earned himself a reputation as a Twitter maven, thanks to his constant stream of comical commentaries about others, and apparently the folks at Twitter have taken notice as well. The Brooklyn rapper says that officials at the popular micro-blogging site have tapped him to pen a coffee table book of his most memorable tweets.

"Someone hit me up and said they work for Twitter and said they think it'd be a great thing for people to have on their coffee table [so guests can] open it up while they're waiting for something and get to read it," Fab revealed on MTV's RapFix Live. "I thought it would be dope. But I just have to think now back on who [I talked about because] I've seen a few of my trending topics get me in situations."

The most recent of these situations was Fab's short-lived Twitter beef with Soulja Boy. The feud started when Fab took jabs at the 20-year-old rapper for his involvement with hip-hop groupie Kat Stacks, who tried to oust him for cocaine usage. In response to Fab's "#stupidboyswag" campaign, SouljaBoy threatened to "murder" him in a rap battle. But the beef was squashed during a radio interview with DJ Clue on New York's Power 105, when the "Pretty Boy Swag' rapper admitted that the feud was the result of miscommunication.