It looks like Fabolous is moving past the mixtape game and turning his 'There's No Competition 2: The Funeral Service' into an EP release. Fab himself dropped the new via his Twitter page, sighting that his record label chose to make the change. "Def Jam decided to put out TiNc2," he tweeted. "So I'm in the studio working on a few news songs."

The album was released as a mixtape earlier this year and got the streets buzzing that one track in particular, 'Body Ya,' was a dis record possibly directed at rapper Jim Jones. But according to the Brooklyn native, he doesn't do beef. "The whole [mix]tape is just metaphorically separating myself away from anybody else," he told The BoomBox. "I don't have any enemies within hip-hop or anybody that I look to like I'm competing with them at all."

However, when Jones peeped the video for 'Body Ya,' he got a little agitated and took to his Twitter page to accuse Fab of jocking his style. "I just seen another rappers video [that] look just like me chain gang n scarf dam," Jones tweeted. "I guess my style might body ya lol."

Fab fired back with a few tweets of his own. "Oh so it's time 4 subliminal tweets huh?? Ok cool.. #TellMeWhyUMad I'm mad cuz it's over for that ballin'. Brooklynnnnnnnnnnnnnnn." Nonetheless, the 32-year-old maintains that he has no problems with any rappers. 'There's No Competition 2: The Funeral Service' hits stores this summer.