Fabolous and Ryan Leslie have long had a solid music relationship, so it only makes sense that the two get back together for the second installment of the MC's track 'You Be Killen' 'Em.'

The Brooklyn rapper joined forces with both Leslie and Ne-Yo to create a remix of the hit single, off his 'There Is No Competition 2: The Grieving Music EP.' A newly released trailer shows Fab, Ne-Yo and Leslie in the studio working on the arrangement of the track, while DJ Clue and others look on at the trio's collaboration. While Ne-Yo adds his signature vocals, Leslie plays the keyboard on the track, and from the sounds of it, may be rapping as well.

The Harvard alumnus tested out his rap skills on his debut single 'Diamond Girl,' and is even contemplating dropping a rap album. "If I say I'm going to do a rap album, best believe I'm making sure I'm getting it co-signed," Leslie said in an interview. "I play my records for Kanye West or I play my records for 50 Cent when I go to the G-Unit offices. Line-for-line they give me feedback and let me know that I can get a pass for what I'm talking about."

Leslie is also working on Ne-Yo's next album and doesn't rule out the idea of the three starting a supergroup. "As far as the supergroup, the chemistry is awesome in the studio between the three of us," he explained. "I think that it's all about timing. We all have our own careers and obligations and when we get a body of work that is representative of what all of us can bring to the table I am sure that we will have no problem between our audiences releasing it and getting feedback on whether they enjoy it."

'Look At Her (You Be Killin' 'Em Pt. 2)' will likely appear on Fabolous' 'The S.O.U.L. Tape' due out April 21.

Watch the Trailer for 'You Be Killin' 'Em Pt. 2'

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