Rappers are giving a considerable amount of attention to the mainstream media these past few weeks, theoretically in an effort to demonstrate the current maturity of the hip-hop community. Jay-Z opened up to Oprah for an exclusive O Magazine interview, 50 Cent buddied up to Rachael Ray on her daytime show and this morning Fabolous appeared on 'Good Day New York' to talk about his new music and the evolution of hip hop.

After explaining that his July album 'Loso's Way,' was having a successful run on the charts, Fab answered questions about hip-hop evolving to a more mature place, after being constantly associated with violence in the past.

"People are starting to get away from that, and also growing up and not keeping the same mentality of overtime something happens to make it a physical or violent altercation," Fab said. "People are starting to learn from mistakes in the past, the passing of guys like Biggie and Tupac, and learning from that and moving on."

When he finished putting in a good word for the hip-hop community, the Brooklyn rapper also cleared up some more confusion, explaining the meaning of his hit single, 'Throw It in the Bag.' "When you find that significant other, you express your love in shopping terms," he said. "As 'you don't have to worry about what it cost baby, just throw it in the bag." Fab rounded up his morning show appearance with a performance of the single.

'Loso's Way' hit No. 1 on the Billboard charts at the end of July, giving Fabolous his first Number One debut of his career.