When the New York Knicks face Eastern Conference rivals the Orlando Magic Wednesday night (March 23), rapper Fabolous will have a bit of business to attend to. The Brooklyn MC is trying to poach Orlando superstar center Dwight Howard and bring him to New York to join fresh arrivals Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony.

"I'd want him to join us," Fab told ESPN. "He, along with Chris Paul, would be the final pieces of the puzzle. We'd welcome them with open arms. They wouldn't even need to wipe their feet at the door."

While a long shot, Fabulous is following the lead of his former mentor and current New Jersey Nets part-owner Jay-Z in the NBA recruiting game. Fab recognizes his limitations when competing with the uber-rich and significantly more powerful entrepreneur, though. Even with less cash on hand, Fabolous claims that he can show prospects a different side of New York than Jay can.

"Jay-Z has lots of money," he continued. "He sells the city differently than I'd do. I think his little tour of the area would be different than mine. But I do love when they play my song 'You Be Killin Em' at the Knicks games. That really pumps them up to play ball. We just need some more great players!"

On the music front, Fabolous is currently crafting his sixth studio album, 'Loso's Way 2: Rise to Power.' The rapper's forthcoming LP was delayed but will see the light of day this year. In promotion of the effort, Fab released 'There Is No Competition 2: The Grieving Music EP,' which spawned the hit 'You Be Killin Em.'