Fabolous was pretty hot throughout 2009 and promised to give a little Christmas gift to fans with a new mixtape called 'No Competition 2'. Well, the holidays came and went and there was no new music to be found. Throw in one more big delay in the aftermath of Haiti's tragic earthquake and the tape seemed to be stuck somewhere in the void. Now Fab has finally started promising his fans some music again and he spoke with MTV News about what to expect.

"I don't see anybody who could even be competition for me," Fab said. "I bump into a lot of people -- I'm not gonna drop nobody's name -- but they say, 'Just stay where you're at. You're in a perfect lane. Nobody can do what you do right now as far as being a lyrical dude and one of the guys that all the R&B artists run to to get on joints. It works for you.' My lane is my lane. As an artist, I think I've evolved in my lane too."

Fab goes on to comment on how the mixtape market became way too oversaturated (so true) and that he wants to make sure he's putting a full effort into each and every project he releases. Citing Lil Wayne's recent 'No Ceilings' as an example, Loso will rap over a hodgepodge of originals and popular beats including 'Say Something,' 'Popular Demand,' 'Roger That,' 'Cigar Music' and 'Shyne.'

He continued, "I thought the game got saturated, but in '09 and recently at the top of '10, you seen Cam drop joints. Wayne dropped a joint, of course, Drake's mixtape being infamous for being one of the best ones for '09. It put the fuel back in me to do the mixtape thing."

'No Competition 2' is due any day now, so look for it sometime between tomorrow and 2011.