Just days after announcing his new management deal with Roc Nation, Fabolous releases a new banger, chock-full of witty punchlines and memorable moments.

'Lituation' finds the 37-year-old Brooklyn rapper spitting hard lines about personal flyness and dismantling the competition. It's closer to his 2004 hit 'Breathe' in comparison to the more female-friendly songs he's made over the years.

The song opens with a sample from Lauryn Hill's 1998 cut 'Lost Ones,' and right away Loso goes in.

"This a movie, get your Goobers, n----, it gets deep get your scuba, n---- / I got the swipers in the gun shop, I got the shooters in the Uber, n---- / Everything brand new my n----, Lord Jamar Grand Puba, n---- / They calling me Fidel Cashflow, yeah, and the link come from Cuba, n----," he spits.

But what does 'Lituation' actually mean? Fab told MTV News it's whenever a situation gets lit up and things get hectic, which is why the song sounds so aggressive and unmistakably New York, with its hard drums, and piercing horn loop.

'Lituation' is the first single off his new album, 'The Young OG Project,' which will be available for digital purchase on Dec. 25. Tell us what you think about the song in the comments below.

Listen to Fabolous' 'Lituation'

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