We all know that Fabolous can spit clever punchlines and heartfelt verses, but can he act? In his new video for 'Lituation,' the Brooklyn rhymer flexes his thespian talents.

In the clip, Fidel Cashflow gets his Christopher Walken on, playing the role of Frank White from the 1990 film 'King of New York.'

The video opens up with the rapper gunning down a rival in cold blood and from there, it shifts to a performance shot with Fabo standing in front of a graffiti piece that says 'Young OG,' which is taken from his forthcoming project, 'The Young OG Project.'

Afterward, he rides around town with his gorgeous ride-or-die chick, who carries her own pistol and checks on a hostage that her and Fabolous have in the trunk.

Borrowing more from 'King of New York,' the visual goes into the movie's infamous scene of Laurence Fishburne walking into a Chinese restaurant and rudely ordering food. Soon after, police come in and arrest the guy who tries to leave without paying.

Clearly, director Gerard Victor has put together a dope concept for the video. Plus, Fabolous isn't a bad actor.

The 'Lituation' video should help build anticipation for Fabo's mixtape, 'The Young OG Project.'

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