The BoomBox recently sat down with Brooklyn rapper Fabolous to discuss his newest album 'Loso's Way,' the secret to his many successes and his recent run-ins with the law. In an effort to explain what 'Loso's Way' is all about, the rapper Fab released a 40-minute short film, a la 'Carlito's Way,' to give his fans some extra insight into his world.

"In a way, I felt like my story was parallel," Fab told the BoomBox about the connection between his recent short and 'Carlito's Way.' "The only difference was that I've never had a long prison stint. I've been to jail of course, I've got shot, I've got arrested for guns and I've had some similarities to his thing.

"The similarities connect us -- wanting to do something more and do something better and get out of that lifestyle of just being in the streets and selling drugs and doing all that. That's very relative to me, so I think I would be able to play that role, maybe not as well as Al Pacino, you know what I mean? But I could get it in."

But it's not all about mimicking mafia movie lifestyle. Fab's short film is, in some ways, a documentary or memoir, and a way for the rapper to speak out on situations that he was once reluctant to discuss.

"You [see] what's going on with me [life], with my girl and friends and becoming an artist. I was finally able to touch on getting shot, cause I wasn't able to talk about it or illustrate it in any way cause I had a pending case with a gun charge, Now that's over and I can speak on it. I was able to put scenes in the movie that kinda explain a little bit what happened without actually being a snitch, and I could just tell you the whole scenario."

'Loso's Way' is in stores now. Check back later for the rest of the interview with F-A-B-O.