With Christmas being less than a week away, the holiday cheer seems to be at an all-time high, but not for Fabolous. The rapper hates Dec. 25 and he created a hilarious rap to let the world know just how he really feels in a new Funny or Die skit.

Over a head-nodding beat, complete with a choir and big drums, the Brooklyn rapper directs his anger towards Santa Clause in a song called 'I Don't F--- With Christmas.'

"Tis the season to keep it real, and tell these motherf---ers how you feel / Put your f---in' hands in the air / If you like me and hate this time of year," he rhymes. "Let me catch Santa creeping through my mama house, eating cookies and milk and farting on the couch / I'm gonna kick his ass and tell him give me all the goods / How the f--- you get in here? Ain't no chimneys in the hood," he spits.

What makes the skit even funnier is that Fab performs the song in a serious manner, despite the hilarious content. It's amazing that he was able to deliver the lyrics and keep a straight face at the same time, especially with lines like this: "Hey, you old fat man in the sleigh, how the f--- you make it 'round the world in a day?"

Watch Fab perform his diss-mas song above.

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