Fabolous may not be good at meeting his own deadlines, but he promises to match the release date for his upcoming mixtape.

The Brooklyn rapper has announced that his latest street offering 'The S.O.U.L. Tape' is slated to drop on April 21, releasing the official date and cover art via his Twitter account.

Loso, who delayed his last mixtape, 'There is No Competition 2: The Funeral Service,' by several months, is taking a different musical approach than with preceding offerings. The tape, which features no DJ drops, sees the New York spitter taking it back to the essence by rapping strictly over soul-sampled beats. 'S.O.U.L.' was originally intended for release in February.

"I'm almost done with it," he said in late January. "I did the poll [on Twitter] to get people interactive with it and see what names they would come up with. I'm doing it over all old soul sampled beats, so I wanted to keep the word 'soul' within the titles."

Unlike with prior mixtapes, he decided to abstain from including a DJ as another presence can distract from the music. "They usually blend the tapes well and its good for the music, but I think I want to do it without -- just music," he said. "It's kinda one of those tapes that I want people to just sit through and listen and really hear the lyrics. DJs bring it back sometimes or they're talking on top of it."

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