Texas native Chalie Boy entered the rap game in 2000 and has spent the better part of the last decade on his grind. When not pushing melodic flows as a guest on countless regional mixtapes, Chalie Boy has been hitting the studio with committed zeal. In 2009, this yielded his biggest hit to date, 'I Look Good.' The track is a trademark Texas banger. It's got the same laidback musicality that made fans all over the country fall in love with classic groups like UGK, while showcasing Chalie's slippery yet also somehow R&B-oriented flow (think Nelly with some actual down home credibility). In this exclusive interview with The BoomBox, Chalie Boy takes us through his roots and journey to 'I Look Good' recently landing on MTV Jams and 106 & Park.

The BoomBox: We've heard you had an upbringing that had a lot of gospel and R&B influences. Tell us about your musical origins and how that might come into play in your current work.

Chalie Boy: Hip-hop has been integrated in my life all along. As far as the gospel part, I grew up signing all my life. I grew up in church with my mother. I was in the choir. That's where I'm coming from. I still sing when I'm available at home. Music has always been a part of my life. As far as rapping, I didn't officially get in until the year 2000. I got with DJ Bull of Dirty Third Records based in Huntsville, Texas, and that's how I got going.

The BoomBox: There's a melodic element to your voice. Did you ever record any R&B stuff?

Chalie Boy:
Not really. Prior to rap, I did little talent shows, but nothing too serious. I wrote stuff on my own, but nothing serious that was ever put out. My musical content progresses from the year 2000 and so forth.

The BoomBox: What was the scene like in Texas in your early years?

Chalie Boy: I'm from Hearne and Calvert, Texas -- right down the road from Texas A&M. I connect with Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas. I'm dead center. Every style of Texas music comes through my area, there's a little bit of everybody. Music has always been here. We have a local station that's probably changed station names and numbers over the years, but we've all been able to receive music from different areas on the airwaves. We've always been up on all Texas music.

The BoomBox: What do you think it is about Texas that creates such a unique sound in hip-hop?

Chalie Boy: We're more laidback. It's just a cool, sit back, recline your chair and cruise type of vibe. We like it a little bit slower, that's where our style comes from. We like a little more harmony. We like you to get down and groove.

The BoomBox: Did you immediately start doing shows with DJ Bull?

Chalie Boy: Not immediately, but we put out mixtapes and tried to get 'em out to the masses. We started circulating from Huntsville, Madisonville, etc. We got outside the metro areas. These small towns all have their own artists and don't gravitate to the outside that often. We went around getting our music in those other areas. We got calls to do shows when that picked up.

The BoomBox:
Where do you recommend that new listeners should start when exploring your body of work?

Chalie Boy: You can start with 'I Look Good.' Listen to that and see if you can figure out anything about me. From there, go back and check out my styles and how I've progressed. Go to the mixtape market and check out my track record. I pride myself on making different types of music with a lot of different types of subject matter on songs that I put out. I just put my heart into everything I produce.

The BoomBox:
You signed with Battery Records. Is there a studio album on the way?

Chalie Boy: Yes. I'm continuing to hone my skills and create material for an album. We want to drop an album this year. Until we get that green light, I'm creating ideas and making new materials in preparation for an album.

The BoomBox:
What's your recording or writing process like? Are you attempting to try different styles?

Chalie Boy: I'm never attempting to do anything. Whatever I feel come to mind is what I do. I do try to make a song outside myself now and then to see how well is does. If it feels good, I'll put it out. If I'm trying to force it, I'd never put it out.

The BoomBox: 'I Look Good' is catchy and catching on. How does it feel after so many years of hard work to get some national exposure?

Chalie Boy:
Yeah, the national effect of it is the big push about it. It's on major radio stations where you can actually hear it. It's not only on the Internet and underground level. It's a wonderful feeling. It's just an indication that all the hard work has paid off from the year 2000 til now. Everything and anything is possible.