After several delays, 50 Cent is finally ready to drop his fourth album, 'Before I Self Destruct.' And, to prove that this latest release date was solid, the rapper decided to reveal his album art with The BoomBox.

"I'm happy with the project," 50 proudly proclaimed in a recent interview with The BoomBox. "I titled it [Before I Self Destruct] because when I looked at the big picture from an artist's perspective, the general public builds you for the sake of destroying you."

Acknowledging that the public gets a kick out of hoping people don't succeed, 50 -- known for attempting to destroy many careers with unending beefs -- decided to embrace the theory of being close to self-destruction and having part of his face blighted on the cover of his forthcoming project. 'Before I Self Destruct' will hit stores on Nov. 17.,feedConfig,entry&id=735902&pid=735901&uts=1254408011
50 Cent
50 Cent reveals the cover of his fourth album 'Before I Self Destruct,' which will be released on Nov. 17.