Despite the her recent legal turmoil, Eve wants to reassure the world that she's gone from "Ruff" to mature. The 28-year-old First Lady of the Ruff Ryders documents her evolution on her fourth solo album -- the first in five years -- 'Here I Am.'

"I'm definitely more mature, and I think people will be able to hear it on the record," the rapper told PopEater during her Sessions taping. "I named the album 'Here I Am' because that's the way that I feel -- I'm back and giving people exactly who I am one million percent. I've never actually been in that place in my life -- where I'm actually okay with all the s*** that makes up Eve. 'Here I am' sounds kind of cheesy, but it's true."

Eve's maturation is not only reflected in her new album, which hits shelves on Aug. 7, but equally as much in the look of her new Fetish collection, due this fall. "It was a juvenile line -- well, a juniors' line -- and it was a line that I didn't want to support because I just didn't think it looked right on me," she says. "So, now that I have new partners, we went from my closet and, in a way, [designed] the kind of stuff that I actually buy. My style has evolved. I've grown. I'm a woman now."

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