Rapper turned actor Eve is taking "designer" off of her growing resume and shutting down her Fetish clothing line. According to reports, the Philly native is done with her fashion line due to legal reasons.

Last year Eve was said to be revamping and re-launching the line for the third time. "You know what they say, third time's the charm. And I believe it -- it's my favorite number." The re-launch was in light of her full endorsement of the line, where as before she was merely just the face behind the ads. "I would actually wear the new Fetish collection. I actually have this in my closet," she said of the new and improved line.

As her musical career stalled, Eve built up her acting skills appearing in several films and her own television show, which was canceled in 2006. Her upcoming appearances include a roll in the Drew Barrymore directed film 'Whip It' and guest-spot on the Fox sitcom 'Glee.'

On the music side of things, Eve has left her record label Geffen Records and is said to be working on new music as a free agent.