Evan Barlow is making his voice heard and urging the people to do the same in his explosive video for "FIGHT!"

In the song, Barlow emotionally challenges the people to push against forces of oppression. "Fight for the freedom they say that we have/F--- what the government says, this is our life and our way," he raps passionately.

The Richmond, VA native is on point with this anthem of equality and liberation, and it serves as an appetizer for his upcoming project FABRICS and comes as a follow-up to the multi-talented rapper/singer's acclaimed singles "The Fix," Window" and "Come Together."

More details regarding FABRICS are sure to come, but we know so far that Barlow's been in the studio with superproducers Bink and Chally and he's also recruited Macklemore’s horn players Greg Kramer and Ouwor Arunga for the project.

As the world awaits, Evan Barlow is throwing his hat into the current socio-political fray with a statement song and video. And it couldn't be more timely--as artists as wide-ranging as Kendrick Lamar, John Legend and Beyonce are providing the soundtrack for what feels like a seismic shift in American culture. Not everyone is speaking out--but salute to those who are.

At least we know where Evan Barlow stands.

"That’s why we fight. Question the government, question the people who run it, and question the people that govern it, because we look like puppets. If everyone came together, we all could be one with it. Together we stand, United we stay.”