Three years have passed since singer Estelle dropped a new album, and now the British import is finally ready for her return back to the spotlight.

Taking her time with the project was an important part of the 31-year-old's creative process, a decision which she says was necessary in putting the album together. "I had to live through some things," she told the BoomBox. "I wrote about them and it makes me happy. I can't wait to put it out."

For her third project, titled 'All of Me,' the Grammy winner linked with house music producer David Guetta and announced the Rick Ross-assisted track 'Break My Heart' as the newest single off the album following the lukewarm response of the song 'Freak,' which failed to crack the top 100 on the U.K. singles charts.

Despite not being commercially successful, 'Freak' caused an uproar when the singer appeared in the song's music video rocking a painted black face and body paint. Some found the look offensive, accusing her of condoning "blackface," a satirical act made famous by white actors during minstrel shows in an attempt to mock African American features.

With the controversy behind her, Estelle is focusing on releasing the album by year's end and will release one more single titled 'Thank You' prior to the official release.

Watch Estelle's 'Freak'


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