London-bred singer Estelle has enjoyed a reasonable amount of success by any standards. Her 2008 album 'Shine,' featured collaborations with Kanye West,, Cee-lo and John Legend, and her lead single 'American Boy' was nominated for three Grammys, an MTV award and was certified platinum in the U.S..

Despite her various successes and reports that her new album will feature cameos by heavy-hitters Mary J. Blige, Jay-Z and Lil Wayne, we keep hearing rumors about Estelle throwing shots at fellow singer Rihanna.

Though the alleged "disses" were always subliminal, vague at best, she's made things a bit more explicit since Jay featured Rihanna on his 'Run This Town' single. Following the release, the UK singer re-tweeted a catty post made by one of her followers, which said "Estelle would have smashed the hook. RIhanna just doesn't do it for me."

Then in an interview with Women's Wear Daily which appeared Monday, Estelle continued more pointedly, saying "Everyone and their auntie is doing Fifties [dresses] and corseted dresses and doing half a head shaved," a clear shot at Rihanna's recent choice in hairstyle.

The magazine continues, "She [Estelle] recalls -- half jokingly -- rocking that hairstyle back in 2005, 'when [Rihanna] was chilling in Barbados.' "

Estelle's cool in our book, we doubt her comments will go anywear, but we wouldn't be mad at a robotic diss record from Princess Rihanna. Also, claiming you were the first to shave off half your hair is like saying you rocked a slap bracelet back in '85 -- who cares?