Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu is coming back with a sequel to her excellent 'New Amerykah Pt. 1: 4th World War.' The new disc, appropriately entitled 'New Amerykah Pt. 2: Return of the Ankh,' is slated for a February 23, 2010 release. She describes the effort as her "right brain" album and has been previewing tracks over the past couple nights at Chung King Studios in New York City.

Unfortunately, someone got a little too greedy with the new music during the first listening session. An unknown party recorded, ripped and uploaded a collaboration with Lil Wayne titled 'Jump in the Air.' Of course, the song nearly immediately hit the net and has received thousands of downloads over the past couple of days. In reaction, Badu removed the track from her record and spoke on feeling like someone stole her child away.

"It's almost like it's my daughter being put on the auction block," she explained. "This is therapy for me. I don't smoke. I don't drink. This is what I do."

It's unknown if Badu merely removed the track with Wayne for these listening sessions or if it's off the album altogether. Only time will tell on that one.

In the meantime, we do know that 'New Amerykah Pt. 2: Return of the Ankh' features production work from 9th Wonder, Madlib, J Dilla and Badu herself. The lyrics are rumored to be as vulnerable and heartfelt as anything she has released thus far.