Erykah Badu is a strong powerhouse on stage. But like everyone else, she also has a softer side, especially when it comes to her kids.

The 'On & On' singer spent some quality time with her two daughters, Puma and Mars, by partaking in an activity that sits close to home: singing. In a video posted on her Facebook page last night (Nov. 10), Badu and her kids sing 'Try,' a song by pop singer Colbie Caillat, while apparently lying down in bed. Older daughter Puma starts the song and proves to everyone that she's clearly inherited her mother's vocal talent. Mama Badu joins in to harmonize with her little girl, and it sounds so pretty that you'd think they've been rehearsing this for a while.

As the two enter the chorus, Mars, Erykah's youngest daughter, joins in with her deeper voice. While she might not be hitting every note perfectly, the emotion she puts into the runs, just like how her mom does it, is too adorable to ignore.

For a woman known for her strength and independence, 'Try,' a song that was written to empower females, seems like the right tune for Erykah to share with her children.

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