Erykah Badu will not be interrupted at the 2015 Soul Train Awards. After seeing Tyrese on the phone in the front row, the the 44-year-old went up to him to take it away and began singing her latest single, "Phone Down," from her mixtape, But You Can't Use My Phone.

"I can make you put your phone down," sung Badu. She continued to take away phones from other men in the front row. But, it seems that wasn't enough to stop them, so she had to get into another song, "Tyrone." She had everyone in the audience, including Janelle Monae, singing along to her classic jam.

Erykah Badu released "Tyrone" nearly twenty years ago about her mooching boo who's not afraid to ask for cash and ass. Although Tyrones across America have been blamed for being trifling, it's actually Tyrone's friend that's trippin' in the song. And Tyrone came to set the record straight onstage at the Soul Train Awards.

"Hey everybody I'm Tyrone. I ain't got time for this. You need to keep my name out your mouth," he said. "I've been driving to folks house and taking to their momma's house for the past eighteen years. Please."

He also suggested that she write a song called "Don't Call Tyrone" instead. LOL!

But that wasn't stopping Ms. Badu who kept shaking her hips as she broke down the lyrics "can't," "use," and "my" until she shimmied as she held a long note for "phone."

The funny banter between Badu and Tyrone was one of the many highlights at the 2015 Soul Train Awards.

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