Eccentric soul singer Erykah Badu appeared on the E! late night talk show 'Chelsea Lately' Wednesday night (March 31) and discussed the controversy surrounding her newest video.

"It just seems like comstockery," Badu said of the media blitz over 'Window Seat,' in which she was filmed disrobing while walking down a crowded Dallas street, unannounced. "It's a way to sell tabloids or bring attention to the media. I don't think it was so crazy or bad."

The singer, who has gained a reputation for negatively influencing the fashion choices of the rappers she dates, including Andre 3000 and Common, proved she has a sense of humor about herself as well. When host Chelsea Handler's joked that Badu makes men "fall in love and wear crochet pants," Badu responded, "There's either two gifts -- either the crochet pants or the Italian or Frenchman purse, so they usually choose the crochet pants. It's either one of the two."

When Handler mentioned that she has an affinity for "black rappers," and asked Badu for advice on how to land them, she also issued the host a warning, saying "I want them all, why would I give you advice? I'll give you one piece of advice, you may be coming on too strong." The singer went on to note that rappers are attracted to gold lame.

Badu's new album, 'New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh' was released this week, and is currently No. 2 on iTunes.