Erykah Badu took to her Twitter page to talk about her relationship with former beau Common. The two came together for a performance at SXSW last month, alongside Kanye West. Although they were focused on moving the crowd, for onlookers their reconciliation brought back memories of their union.

"Saw Common [over] the weekend...felt awkward. I'm going to write him a letter," she twittered. "There were many things I couldn't say to Com when we were together," she continued. "I have no interest in romance with him. I love him as a brother."

The 38-year-old mother of three dated the Chicago native for two years before calling it quits in 2002. Following their breakup Common, once known for blending poetic lyrics and street appeal, released 'Electric Circus,' an album some fans felt was wrongly inspired by his relationship with Badu.

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Common however insisted that the album's deviation from his previous releases was nothing more than an example of his growth as an artist. "The album was all me at that time. I grow and I go through changes," he said in an interview. "I think that there was a period in my life that I was trying to find myself, maybe trying to find myself in that relationship too."

The two have both since moved on. Not long after their break-up Badu gave birth to her second child, Puma Rose from a previous relationship. A few years later Badu started dating rapper/producer Jay Electronica. Badu and fellow eclectic artist Electronica have a 2-month old child together.

"Fortunately my children's fathers are my brothers....strange but I feel quite blessed. Feels quite natural to me." Badu also stated that she likes being single and eluded to possibly penning a book about her relationships.

Like many celebrities, Badu has used her Twitter page to keep her fans updated on her daily life. Last month she twittered about being late to her SXSW performance when a female stalker barricaded the singer in her Dallas home before being arrested.