Over the weekend Eminem's manager and President of Shady Records, Paul Rosenberg, cleared up more rumors circulating the web about his client. Early last week, false news items surfaced on Twitter claiming that Slim Shady had perished in a car crash, causing fake obituaries to pop up on the Detroit rapper.

The second fabricated tale came after Amazon's UK site posted a Nov. 16 release date for Em's upcoming album, 'Relapse 2,' inciting rumors that the U.S. release would follow suit on Nov. 17. The popular merchant site even went as far as allowing fans to pre-order the highly-anticipated record, but according to Rosenberg, no official release date has even been set for the album.

While Em's fake obituaries have been removed from most online news sources, 'Relapse 2' is still posted and available for pre-order on the Amazon UK site. It has even been paired with Jay-Z's upcoming 'Blueprint 3' for the site's "Frequently Bought Together" feature.

Eminem's 'Relapse' debuted back in May, quickly surpassing the one million sales mark, and has since built considerable hype for its follow-up. The forthcoming album, which Eminem previously pegged for a 2009 release, will be his sixth studio release.