EminemAccording to reports, Eminem will be making an appearance on Lil Wayne's long-awaited "rock" album 'Rebirth,' which will drop Dec. 21. Amazon's U.K. site put up a tracklist for the album, listing Track Eight as a collaboration with Eminem, entitled 'Drop the World.'

Wayne has repeatedly stated his desire to work with the Detroit rapper. Though at one point he accused Eminem of being "scared to work with me," the two appeared on 'Forever' with Kanye West and Drake, which Wayne said he didn't consider a real collaboration, "cause I wanted a record that was just me and Em."

Joining Eminem on Wayne's new album are Young Money artists Shanell, Nicki Minaj and Kevin Rudolf. The 'Rebirth' tracklist also features Wayne's Auto-Tune assisted lead single 'Prom Queen,' which debuted back in January. The 12-song album will be released as a single CD instead of coupled with Wayne's Young Money compilation, 'We Are Young Money,' as previously rumored.

We're interested to hear how this pans out. Check the tracklisting after the jump.'Rebirth' tracklisting:

  1. 'American Star' feat. Shanell
  2. 'Prom Queen' feat. Shanell
  3. 'Ground Zero'
  4. 'Da Da Da'
  5. 'Paradise'
  6. 'Get a Life'
  7. 'On Fire'
  8. 'Drop the World' feat.
  9. 'Runnin' feat. Shanell
  10. 'One Way Trip'
  11. 'Knockout' feat.
  12. 'The Price Is Wrong' feat.