While Christina Aguilera and the Black Eyed Peas took a hit with their musical performances during Super Bowl XLV, there was one performer who shined on the tube: Eminem.

The Detroit rapper appeared in two commercials during the weekend's big football game that saw the Green Bay Packers defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers for the national title. Both spots painted a tough guy image of the reclusive rapper. In the first clip, Em morphed into a claymated homie to plug Lipton Brisk Ice Teas and talked about why he doesn't do commercials. Ironically, during the second half of the game, Em appeared in another, more poetic spot for Chrysler. Check out Em's Super Bowl commercials below and after the jump.

Watch Eminem's Lipton Brisk Ice Tea Super Bowl Commercial

Watch Eminem's Chrysler Super Bowl Commercial