The wheels are starting to churn full speed ahead on rapper Eminem's promotional tour leading up to the release of his highly anticipated 'Relapse' album. Although fans won't be able to get their hands on a complete copy until May 19, a leak of Em's next single '3 A.M.' should tide listeners over for another few weeks.

Calling on his deranged alter ego "Slim Shady," who has a tendency to commit murders from time to time. Em spits malice over the Dr. Dre beat and with each rip, the story of a killing spree slowly unfolds. "It's 3 a.m. in the morning/ put my key in the door and/ its bodies laying all over the floor and/ I don't remember how they got there but I guess I must've killed 'em." The track continues with an unhinged depiction of Slim channel surfing before settling on an episode of the children's show 'Hannah Montana,' for a little self-pleasure. True to form other pop-culture aficionados like Kim Kardashian find their names strewn about in his lyrical production.

In a recent interview the rapper stated that his professional growth was due in part to his choice of beats for the album, which was mostly produced by Dre. "I tried to pick the [Dre beats] that challenged me, rhythm-wise," he said. "I ended up experimenting with a bunch of different flows."

Em also addressed the backlash that he has received from republican political host Bill O'Reilly, who his famous for his verbal spats with the hip-hop community. "That guy's funny," Em said of O'Reilly's public disdain against Em's portrayal of Sarah Palin in his latest video. "He's f---ing hilarious. When I seen the thing I was like eh, you know... I guess that's what he does in his world. It is what it is."

The Detroit native also stated that he wouldn't rule out a collaboration with rapper Lil Wayne, who has become the latest target of lablemate 50 Cent's many rap beefs. "I would. There hasn't necessarily been a time for me to really get out there and do collaborations lately because I've been so locked down in the studio," he said. "I'm open for whatever. There are a lot of artists in the game that I respect."

Earlier this week Em exclusively released the 'Relapse' cover art to The BoomBox. His current video for 'We Made You' finds him spoofing several celebrities. He also confirmed that he has also shot a video for '3 A.M.' which will be his next single.