He came. He saw. He stormed out. Rapper Eminem made his return to the MTV stage by way of a highly anticipated performance at the network's movie awards. The 36-year-old performed his singles 'We Made You' and 'Crack a Bottle,' alongside D12 member Bizarre. With a band behind him, Em gave a bevy of screaming fans and adoring celebrity counterparts the performance that they were all waiting for, but it's what happened after he sat back in his seat that got everyone talking.

Comedic actor Sacha Baron Cohen, best known for 'Borat,' was in character as his latest flamboyant offering "Bruno." Cohen descended from the ceiling wearing small white underwear and landed in Em's lap with his private parts dangerously close to his face.

As expected, Em did not find the stunt funny. The rapper shouted "Are you serious?" before calling on his bodyguards to get Cohen off of him, then stormed out of the show muttering and cursing. It's still unclear if Em was in on the Bruno joke -- he by-passed the press tent and refused to speak to the media.

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Aside from his experience at the awards show, this year has been pretty good for Em. His latest album 'Relapse' debuted atop the Billboard charts selling over 600,000 units, making it the year's best selling record. He was also named 'Artist of the Decade,' selling over 31 million albums since his 1999, an accomplishment that put him above fellow rappers Jay-Z and Nelly.