Eminem stans got to ask their favorite rapper questions this afternoon (July 24) during a Twitter Q&A centered on the new boxing flick Southpaw. By using the hashtag #DearSlim, more than 90,000 questions were addressed to Slim Shady, to which he personally answered 13 of the tweets directed at him.

The "Phenomenal" rapper was originally set to play the title role in the underdog boxing movie, but ended up staying behind the scenes and becoming the executive producer of the soundtrack instead. The role ultimately went to Jake Gyllenhaal, who stars alongside rapper 50 Cent, as a boxing promoter, and Forest Whitaker, Gyllenhaal's trainer.

During the Q&A, one fan asked whether Em turned down the lead role because he didn't want to damage his nose. His reply: "Yes. My nose is already f---ed up enough. I certainly didn't want to f--- it up anymore that it already is… #Southpaw," he tweeted.

Beard envy, how the soundtrack came together and his favorite boxers are all a part of the conversation. He even addresses the fictional character Ken Kaniff he portrays on his albums.

Check out Eminem's #DearSlim Twitter Q&A below.

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