Eminem says Dr. Dre didn't really understand what he was doing back when he was high on pills, recording classic tracks like "Big Weenie. "Looking back on it now, there was some pretty mediocre things that I was putting out...when I was making 'Encore,' my addiction took on a life of its own. I remember going to L.A., recording with Dre and being in the studio high, taking too many pills, getting in this slap-happy mood and making songs like 'Big Weenie' and 'Rain Man' and 'A-s Like That.'...[Dre] would just laugh. He didn't understand what was going on." Too bad he didn't understand the genius of 'Big Weenie.' Wait, is that an actual song? [Vibe]

Good news, Ke$ha is starting her own roadkill-based clothing line. "[My line] will be coming and there will be capes involved. I'm trying really hard to bring back capes. They've been out since the 1800s, it's about time they came back," the singer explained. "I do [design my own pieces] and I work with people that help me. For instance, they designed this hat. We find roadkill and put it on my clothes and recycled feathers...I mean we wash it. But it is roadkill...I think it's important not to kill animals. I also think it's an honor to the animal if it's already dead and sitting on the side of a highway. I might as well wear it on MTV." See, that's where we disagree. [MTV]