Eminem's televised appearance during a Michigan vs. Notre Dame game was funny in an awkward sort of a way and the multi-platinum rapper doesn't really tone it down in this 'Saturday Night Live' promo either -- even in the presence of the beautiful Kerry Washington.

The two star in a pair 'SNL' promos for their appearance tomorrow night (Nov. 2) on the show. In both of them, Eminem intensely stares into the camera while Washington seems eager for her appearance.

Washington and 'SNL' actress Nasim Pedrad excitedly discuss the upcoming show while Slim Shady basically ignores them and just gazes away. For the second spot, Washington says they're all going out for cupcakes after the show. Eminem loves cupcakes.

His 'SNL' moment will add to the promotional run for 'The Marshall Mathers LP 2,' which leaked on Wednesday (maybe that's why Em looks so intense here) but will officially hit stores Nov. 5. He also lands on the new cover of Billboard. The story, entitled 'Marshall Law: The Making and Marketing of a Rap God’s Return,' will hit newsstands on Nov. 9.