Eminem has shared the cover art for his upcoming studio album 'Relapse,' exclusively with The BoomBox. The cover, a collage of pills that make up the Detroit rapper's face, trumps the many faux covers circulating the 'net. It's unknown who created the album art, which features a RX label with the basic prescription information including patient: Marshall Mathers and prescriber: Dr. Dre.

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Pegged as his comeback album, 'Relapse,' comes five years after the rapper's last offering, the multi-platinum 'Encore' album. Since 'Encore,' the rap star stepped out of the spotlight and reemerged in late 2008 with the buzz single 'Crack a Bottle,' featuring longtime friend and producer Dr. Dre and labelmate 50 Cent.

The video for 'We Made You,' the first official single off 'Relapse,' proved that Eminem was back to his ol' wacky ways in the 'Rock of Love' spoof video. As expected, the video has caused a stir amongst Eminem critics and fans/supporters of his latest victims. Bill O'Reilly publicly bashed the rapper for poking fun at Sarah Palin in the video. The MC also takes a stab at Bret Michaels, Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan.


"I wanna say it's not necessarily intentional bashing in it," Eminem said. "It's not necessarily taking deliberate shots at people. ... Yes, it is. What the [expletive] am I talking about?"

'Relapse' hits stores on May 19.